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Established, 2009

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The Designers

Franklin Saavedra was born in Otavalo, Ecuador. He had an eye for design since he was young and always strived for perfection. He knew quite early that he wanted to open a business that would help provide jobs for the people of Ecuador. In 2008, he came to Canada with the plan to create his own clothing business. 

Rebecca Saavedra has always loved fashion pieces and the intricacies of their designs. When Franklin introduced me to alpaca wool coats, I realized that I had never owned a product so warm. Understanding the value of the fabric, with Franklin I set out on a mission to modernize wool jacket design.


Franklin & Rebecca Saavedra                                   

  The Brand 

 Urku is committed to creating timeless, high-quality pieces from warm, high-quality alpaca and sheep wool fiber. Each piece is meticulously handknitted and finished with an eye on details. Urku is well-known for its classic style with small, modern details, specifically tailored to create an attractive and sexy silhouette.

Urku proudly uses sustainable alpaca and sheep-wool fibers; Our process is cruelty-free. All the individuals that work to produce our jackets are over the age of 30 because we believe that children should be in school and receive an education.


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