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With a dedication to ageless design concepts, each URKU coat is meticulously handmade using some of the finest fabrics the world can offer. Our design are patented and trademark.




- Main zipper is YKK, full metal, 2-way opening

- Durable nylon coat thread to keep the jacket in great shape

- Cuffs cover halfway up the forearm to protect against scuffing of the sleeve with use. The cuff continues up the back of the arm to the elbow area to protect in that area.

- Large, detachable hood with adjustable strings to draw it closer around the face. A wind-strip curves around the face for extra protection. Extra storage compartment hidden in the hood to put gloves while walking around indoors.

- Arms designed to be  longer than normal for those that need a little more length

- Made of real alpaca and sheep fibre (not like commercialized products that you see on the market around North America)

- Fleece lined

- This jacket combines ultimate stretch and ingenious pattern to hug and provide a perfect shape for the body.

- Unique design.

- Built in windbreaker accessory (coming soon)


The Sofia Coat is beautiful with zippers that curve around the pockets to the back. This two-way zipper also pairs as a way to add extra space around the hips. The cuffs are extended to provide extra protection on the elbows. The jacket is made of an alpaca sheep blend with a polar fleece liner. It is warm enough to wear for most of the winter.

THE clara COAT

The Clara coat is a mix of contemporary and classic. It has always been a favorite among our collection with the beautiful interupted line down the back.

Meet The Team



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I’m a designer, entrepreneur and co-owner of Urku. I love photography and videography, check out my website at I also enjoy fabricating retail fixtures in aluminum in my garage :)

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I’m a co-owner of Urku, a designer, & I have a nursing background. I'm also passionate about writing; please check out my personal website as an author: I love details and bringing ideas to life



With a commitment to timeless design and superior quality, each URKU coat is precisely crafted with hand finishes and attention to every detail using the world's finest fabrics.

Showcasing modern silhouettes in an array of natural colours, URKU has become internationally recognized for its signature sleeve details and large hood, often seen on global fashion icons.

URKU proudly continues to use ethically sourced, sustainable, cruelty-free fabrics and collections.





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